ETO Lets you Power your Mobile Devices on the Go

Some portable electronic gadgets have always had a problem with the battery life and one innovative option is to roam around with portable chargers, no matter how cliched they sound. Green Powercell Technology has come out with their own range of portable electronic chargers called ETO.

The range starts from ETO 2000, ETO 3000, ETO 3800 and while these are for smaller devices like portable media players and mobile phones, the ETO Brute is meant specifically for laptops.

Charge devices on the move

Charge devices on the move


The ETO 2000 is supposed to be slim and has a rubber finish, which provides an additional backup of 12 hours of talk time for mobile phones, 4 hours for smartphones, 68 hours for Bluetooth devices and 50 hours for PMPs. The ETO 3000 is more powerful and is claimed to giving 50 per cent  higher usage time than the ETO 2000. It can also provide backup of about 800 additional photos on digital cameras and 2 hours of usage time for digital camcorders. The  ETO 3800 has a sleek design and glossy finish and gives about 25% more usage to your digital devices even as compared to ETO 3000.

Finally the ETO Brute is said to be the most powerful model in the series and can provide backup power to laptops for 8 hours, to net books for 10 hours. It can also be used with other digital gadgets and is said to give 5 times more usage than the ETO 3800.

All models are handheld and have an LED charge indicator, an auto cut off feature and overcharging protection circuit. The device automatically cuts off and retains charge for a period of three months when not in use. These devices are available in the market starting from Rs. 2,450.

Published Date: May 26, 2011 03:19 pm | Updated Date: May 26, 2011 03:19 pm