Epson Launches Six New Projectors In Its Entry Level Series

Epson has launched six new projectors in India. These are the Epson EB-S9/X9 and the Epson EB-X10/W10. The new models are a follow up to their predecessors and the iF award 2010 (International Forum Design) winning Epson EB-S8/X8/W8 series.

Epson's 3LCD technology that is used by these projectors

Shared Features of the Epson EB-S9/X9 and EB-X10/W10

  • 3LCD Technology – The proprietary Epson 3LCD technology used by the new projectors enable distinctly sharper and clearer projections and similar to other Epson projectors, these new models use the Epson proprietary 3-chip, solid-state 3LCD optical engine; in which each LCD chip is dedicated to processing one of the primary colours: red, green and blue.
  • E-TORL – The new projectors have Epson-Twin Optimized Reflection Lamp (E-TORL) that is 20% more efficient than conventional projector lamps and offers a lamp lifespan of 5000 hours (on Eco mode).
  • USB Direct Display - With the USB Direct Display feature, users are able to accept images from a Windows or Mac PC through a USB cable. They can even play JPEG images as a slideshow directly from an inserted USB memory device without a PC.
  • Front Facing Exhaust – The exhaust vents of these new projectors are located at the front of the projector.
  • Quick Startup and Instant Off – The projectors can start up within 5 seconds and can be turned off instantly. These capabilities allow users to save on both the waiting time for starting presentations as well as the usual cool down time required by other projectors.
  • Mute Slide Lens Shutter – The lens shutter found on the new projector models serves as a handy ‘mute’ function that will allow the user to turn the projector lamp off temporarily in the midst of a presentation. The projector can be turned back on instantly by sliding the lens shutter open again.
  • Integrated Speaker – Using the integrated speakers of these new projectors, users can now play video and/or animated presentations without the need to connect to external speakers.

Additional Features for EB-X10/W10

  • HDMI Connectivity – The Epson EB-X10 and W10 come with built-in HDMI input terminal.
  • Auto Keystone Correction – With Auto Keystone Correction, the Epson EB-X10 and W10 are able to automatically detect and correct distortions, within a second, caused by the image being projected from an angle.

See the spec sheet below for prices.

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Published Date: Nov 23, 2010 10:28 am | Updated Date: Nov 23, 2010 10:28 am