Epson Launches EB-9 Series Projectors

Leading projector manufacturer Epson has recently announced their EB-9 series mainstream multimedia projectors with network capability. This series of projectors includes the Epson EB-95, 96W, 905, 915W and the 925. The EB-9 series features high brightness ratings of 2,600 to 3,500 lumens enabling them to project bright and clear images even in bright ambient lighting. These projectors also offer many features that gives users practicality and convenience which is needed in a projector such as an Ethernet port, optional wireless LAN projection, multi-screen projection capability, central network control and an easy projector set-up process.

Epson EB-9 Series projectors with E-TORL Lamp and 3LCD Technology

Epson EB-9 Series projectors with E-TORL Lamp and 3LCD Technology


Speaking at the launch of the Epson EB-9 series of projectors, Mr. Samba Moorthy, Division Head of Sales and Marketing in Epson India said, “With a host of advanced features, the Epson EB-9 series is ideal for school and corporate users who require great flexibility and value for money. Moreover, the series comes with five different models giving users the option to pay only for the features they need.”

The highlighted features of the Epson EB-9 series of projectors are:
Smoother Image Reproduction with 3LCD Technology - Proprietary 3LCD projection technology offers full-time colour projection with three separate LCD panels which are Red, Green and Blue. This ensures smooth projection of images without colour breakup, distorted image patterns and visual fatigue, making it ideal for use in corporate or school environments.

E-TORL Lamp – This lamp used in the EB-9 series of projectors is 20% more efficient than conventional projector lamps resulting in cost savings through their lower energy consumption, longer lamp lifespan of up to 6,000 hours and reduced downtime.

Other features of these projectors include:
Horizontal Keystone - EB-9 series come with a vertical and horizontal keystone correction feature which is ideal for small offices or boardrooms where desktop space is limited.
Zoom Lens - The Epson EB-905, EB-915W and EB-925 comes with 1.6 times zoom lens which allows users to enlarge their projection without needing to manually shift the projector.
Frontal Exhaust - Full frontal exhaust on the Epson EB-9 series can project from the desktop without affecting the audience sitting next to it.
Ethernet / Wireless LAN Projection - The Epson EB-9 series projectors are able to project PC images wirelessly via an access point when they are connected to a wired local area network (LAN). There is also an optional wireless USB module that can be installed for cable-free projection to reduce cluttering of wires and cables.
USB Direct Display - The 3-in-1 USB direct display feature of the projectors allows users to connect to a PC using an ordinary USB cable for images to be projected without having to switch the monitor output setting on the PC or Apple Macintosh computers
Microphone Input - The Epson EB-9 series projectors are intelligently designed to allow users to connect a microphone directly to them to use their internal 16W speakers as a PA system without the need for an external sound system.
Document Camera Connectivity - Ability to connect a camera directly to the Epson ELPDC06 document using only a USB cable.
Monitoring and Control Function - With the Epson’s Easy MP Monitor software, multiple networked projectors in the office or school can be monitored remotely via a single PC.
Multi-screen Display - The Epson EB-9 series has a multi-screen display feature which allows a single PC to be connected to up to four projectors wirelessly or via cable.
Lowest Power Consumption - The Epson EB-9 series projectors also have the lowest standby power consumption of their class of only 0.4 watt.

The prices of the EB-9 series of printers are Rs. 58,200 for the EB-95 Business Projector, Rs. 64,000 for the EB-96W Business Projector, Rs. 77,100 for the EB-905 Business Projector, Rs. 81,400 for the EB-915W Business Projector and Rs. 87,300 for the EB-925 Business Projector. For more information on the Epson EB-9 Series of projectors click the link here.

Published Date: Jul 20, 2011 10:09 am | Updated Date: Jul 20, 2011 10:09 am