Epson Brings Integrated Ink Tank System Printers to India

Digital imaging manufacturer, Epson, have recently announced the sale of the world’s first integrated ink tank system printers in India in the form of the Epson L100 Inkjet printer and the L200 All-in-One printer. These printers were created especially for India and a few Southeast Asian countries with Epson Original Ink Tanks that help users in increasing productivity and save on printing costs.

Epson L100 with FIT Technology comes to India

Epson L100 with FIT Technology comes to India


The printers come with a starting set of one black 70ml ink bottle that can print 4000 black pages and three 70ml colour ink cartridges that can print 6500 colour pages. Epson claims that with each set of one black and three colour inks, the printers offer an extremely low cost per page of only 0.10 Paise per black page and 0.20 Paise per colour page.

Speaking at the launch of these printers, Ram Prasad, Deputy General Manager, Consumer Products at Epson India said, “Epson is always innovating to provide affordable, yet high performance printing solutions to help our customers lower their cost of printing, and the Epson L100 and L200 are the latest results of our efforts. These printers were conceived especially keeping the typical Indian consumers requirements in mind.” He concluded by saying that they are proud to present India with the world’s first genuine branded ink tank system printers and are confident they will do very well here.

Epson FIT (Fast Ink Top up) Technology featured in the L100 and L200 is made up of three specially designed components which are the Epson Original Ink Tanks, integrated ink tubes and a special choke valve, which all help in the easy ink refilling as well as convenient transportation of the printer.

The Epson FIT Tanks are custom designed to fit neatly in the printers’ chassis and can be conveniently detached. The tanks are designed with ink refill openings that face upward when the detachable tank module is placed flat. The Special Ink Tubes are neatly integrated into the chassis of the printers to ensure smooth delivery of inks and prevent paper jams. And lastly the choke valve allows users to conveniently cut off ink supply from the ink tanks temporarily to prevent backflow of inks during transportation of the printer.

The L100 and L200 sell for Rs. 8,999 and Rs. 10,999 respectively and are already available in the Indian market. For more information on these printers click here.

Published Date: Jul 20, 2011 12:45 pm | Updated Date: Jul 20, 2011 12:45 pm