ePravesh Android app to simplify pre-admission process

Splashgain Technologies (ST), a software firm has introduced an Android application, called ePravesh to help institutions and students to facilitate the admission process better. Free for those who've registered themselves with www.epravesh.com, the application provides students with admission details, like relevant information on brochures, course details and access to the respective school or college website among others. The application is available across all Android-enabled smartphones. 


The ePravesh Android app

The ePravesh Android app



Quoting CEO and co-founder of Splashgain Technologies, Samir Kamat, the report states, “It will be a single point of information about schools, colleges and other educational institutes. By subscribing to ePravesh, users will be saved from the trouble of visiting the school or college websites repeatedly.We thought of going beyond the existing Internet platform and offer pre-admission solutions on a mobile platform. By bringing both, the institutes as well as the prospective students on a common platform, we aim to make pre-admission procedures more convenient and simultaneously increase the reach of the institutes.


The application essentially is a platform that provides both students and institutions with several key education-based services, like selecting institute, application for admission, forms and documents submission and subsequent communication. In a nutshell, the application aims to be an indispensable tool in the hands of students, to help them navigate smoothly through their pre-admission processes. The app aims to simplify the lives of students, parents and working professionals who seek admissions in schools, colleges or universities, as it becomes their "single point of information about schools, colleges and other educational institutes subscribed with ePravesh and hence will save the users the trouble of visiting the school or college website repeatedly."


The app, according to its makers will also prove to be beneficial to the institutes, as they will find a suitable mode to reach out to their prospective students by providing updates through the application. The updates will not only keep the students informed about the latest information from their institution, but will also educate them about new courses being offered, or the launch of a new cell or a division, awards and achievements and the seminars and conferences taking place in the institute, thereby saving the institute from promotional costs, which they would have to otherwise incur. 


Further quoting founder director of ST, Swapnil Dharmadhikari, the report states, “As a service in facilitating the education sector, ePravesh will help students, parents and working professionals to make necessary payment for admission forms through their cellphones. Further, we will also make the application compatible to different mobile operating systems including iPhones and also include more interactive features and live audio and video streaming options.


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Published Date: May 09, 2012 10:26 am | Updated Date: May 09, 2012 10:26 am