Enjoy The Indian Premier League Live Through YouTube

The world’s most popular video sharing website YouTube has launched a page that features live streaming of the fourth season of the DLF Indian Premier League. From the 8th to the 28th of April, cricket fans from every corner of the world will be able to watch live streams, full length catch-up matches and highlight clips of the whole season.

IPL now live on YouTube

IPL now live on YouTube


Indiatimes has partnered with Google to stream all of its 74 Indian Premier League matches on both http://ipl.indiatimes.com and through its dedicated YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/indiatimes.

Google will be a non-exclusive partner for IPL content for two years and in addition to its web video streaming you can catch up on all the action on your mobile through http://m.youtube.com

"The first day was an enormous success," said Rishi Khiani, CEO Indiatimes. "We had nearly 100% uptime which was a great feat given the amount of traffic. The feedback has been good and we're excited. He promised that "over the next week, we'll be adding more bells and whistles to make the page more engaging and relevant to our viewers and advertisers".