Enhanced iPad to come with international LTE support

A recent report by The Guardian states that the enhanced version of the iPad, when announced, would feature international LTE capabilities as the iPhone 5 does. After the iPad was launched earlier this year, the brand had received a lot of flak for the device being heavy, overheating, and not working on LTE in Australia. Not keeping with the Apple's advertisements Down Under, the tablet did not work on LTE cellular networks there. 

As per the report by Guardian, “Sources also indicated that they expect Apple to refresh the iPad line by following up the introduction of the iPhone 5, which is 4G-capable in the UK through Everything Everywhere's 1800MHz network – and from next September with Three – with revised versions using the same 1800MHz 4G chip and the new connector. Including the new connector on the iPad, iPhone and "iPad mini", as well as the new iPod Touch which began shipping on Tuesday, would give accessory makers – who represent a multibillion-pound industry worldwide – a kickstart to build Lightning-compatible devices”.

Looks better and reduces strain

Will feature the new Lighting dock and global LTE capabilities


According to a recent report by MacRumors, “MacRumors has received word from a developer who has seen evidence of a previously unknown "iPad3,6" device showing up in his app analytics. Most interestingly, the device's processor targets the new ARMv7s architecture that supports the custom A6 system-on-a-chip found in the iPhone 5. This new iPad thus appears to be running either an A6 chip itself or a variation on Apple's custom A6 design”.

The report reveals that Apple may be planning to release an update to the iPad in the coming weeks to fit it with the recently introduced Lightning connector as well as other internal changes. He states that it is unlikely that Apple may introduce the new A6 chip with the iPad. However, he also speculates, “Alternatively, this new iPad3,6 could represent Apple's 2013 iPad model, which is expected to run some flavor of the A6 chip. We would, however, have expected that device to carry an "iPad4,x" designation”.

A report by iMore states that the new iPad will not be launched with as much hype as the original model that was announced in March. In the past, Apple has also gone ahead and performed minor internal updates on existent devices, as with the iPhone back in 2008, where the brand increased the storage capacity of the smartphone mid-cycle. The report also goes on to state that sources have informed it that the upcoming, revised iPad is ready to go.

Published Date: Oct 10, 2012 05:54 pm | Updated Date: Oct 10, 2012 05:54 pm