EnemyGraph: An app to keep track of Facebook enemies

Facebook changed the meaning of the word of friend forever. It's possible to have someone who you hate on your Facebook friend. The reasons as to why people would choose to add their 'enemies' to the Friends list on Facebook, are varied and complicated. Mostly, you just want to stalk on the people you hate. But sometimes, thanks to the annoying Facebook NewsFeed, you just can't seem to get rid of these people who you hate.

But now there's an app to keep track of your enemies. The EnemyGraph is app that allows you to declare your hatred for all those people, ideas, artists, anything you just can't stand. You can choose an arch-enemy as well, aka your own world's version of Darth Vader.

Finally an app that lets you hate everything you've ever wanted to on Facebook. Screen grab of EnemyGraph.

The app has a killer line when you try and install it on your Facebook page, "Because it takes more than just friends." After you declare you hatred of something on the app, it can display your choice to your friends.

However you can change, the settings at the time of the app installation and make the list known to only a select bunch of your friends or just to yourself. Or if you're in the mood to really express your anger, then you have the option of going public as well.

EnemyGraph also specifies that it may post on behalf of the user, including enemies declared, arch-enemies declared etc. The app might just be the start of an alternative to Facebook's fake love and like culture. For the cynics on Facebook who've grown to hate the virulent abuse of the FLike this could be a good way to vent out.

When you log into the app you can see trending enemies on the app. Currently Justin Bieber- this is not surprising at all- is trending, followed by Internet Explorer, and McDonald's.

Next stop: Maybe Facebook should consider that dislike button. The timeline is sure to get it's share of dislikes.

Published Date: Mar 28, 2012 11:15 am | Updated Date: Mar 28, 2012 11:15 am