Embed tweets from the new, improved Tweetdeck for Mac app now

Tweetdeck for Mac underwent a major facelift and received an update to offer the same features as the Chrome version of the app does. Twitter’s official app has incorporated changes that have been widely appreciated when the Chrome app received them in mid-December.

According to the listing in the App Store, Tweetdeck says that it has incorporated a whopping 90 plus changes and updates from the previous versions of the app.

One of the most visible change in the app is the incorporation of an extra typehead that predicts what you will be typing as soon as you begin. Quite similar to parent company Twitter’s website, the typehead lets you search for people and offers you a list of accounts to choose from matching to the text you have entered.

The new, improved Tweetdeck for Mac

The new, improved Tweetdeck for Mac


An important addition to Tweetdeck for Mac is the ‘embed tweet’ option, something that was also a part of the earlier update to the Chrome version. Starting this update onwards, you can grab a code straight from Tweetdeck to embed a tweet in your blog or article and you’re good to go! This option is available in a drop-down from the ‘More actions’ menu on the tweet, next to the reply, retweet and favourite buttons.


Minor tweaks for the way multiple accounts are handled – a Tweetdeck specialty – has also been noticed in the running of the app, making it smoother to switch between streams and accounts. Users can now reduce multi-column window to house just two of them and enjoy the simplicity of the interface. For those who enjoy watching all their columns tick away with tweets, advanced options like filters and notifications are available too.

Tweetdeck can now also be viewed in a lighter, white theme apart from the trademark dark one. We think the new white theme goes brilliantly well with a Mac.

Mac users have felt rather unloved by Twitter and Tweetdeck thanks to the lack of updates and improvements from the social networking website’s end. But with this new update, it looks like Mac users of Tweetdeck – especially those who have not already jumped on to the Tweetbot for Mac bandwagon – will find a way to love the app back.

Here’s what the update says about the changes.


There are over 90 fixes + updates from the previous version. Highlights include:

  • Performance upgrade for displaying multiple high-velocity columns
  • Embed Tweet right from the Tweet itself, for use in blogs and webpages
  • Introduction of a new search box with Typeahead and People Search
  • Ability to reduce the app window to 2 columns

Twitter bought over Tweetdeck in 2011 and much to the dismay of regular users, made some major changes in the app that left it without some much loved functions. In March 2012, Twitter came back to give Tweetdeck its first major facelift and added features like ‘edit and RT’ and in-line media previews to it. In October again, Tweetdeck received a facelift that allowed customisation options to change the colour theme of the app and the font size.

The app is available for free download at the App Store.

Published Date: Jan 10, 2013 05:13 pm | Updated Date: Jan 10, 2013 05:13 pm