Editorial - Devices With Bling

It takes a certain amount of genius to think of aesthetically pleasing ways to hide motherboards and circuits so that a potential customer doesn't look at the device and run for the hills. And then there's the folks who go OVERBOARD. Most of these devices are aimed at women. Now as being part of the target demographic, I want my say. Read on with vigilance...

Micromax Q55 Bling

This is the tamest one. This is the phone that teeny boppers carry to their kitty parties/debutante balls. They're beginners in the life of high pitched laughs, bony cheek bumping and champagne glass clinks (which are really filled with apple juice of course). And it costs, what, Rs. 5,399? TAME!

KaBLING Cables

This exciting product shows that colour plays an important role in blinging anything, not forgetting of course, the gratuitous fake diamonds. The concept behind this one is, "Let's bling the way girls get internet!". This cable really is there for a girl as she is becoming a woman. College going girls with the big dreams and the pink jeans were MADE for this product; of course the cable may get lost in the dorm room with the thousands of memorabilia fixed to help with homesickness. The nice thing is, 10% of the revenue from this ethernet cable goes towards the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Diamante Mouse

Now we're talking business! This is for the girl who had the chic upbringing but the family ran out of money so she now has a corporate job. Or the girl who's biding time to be married. At a cheap 30 Pounds Sterling, this mouse will clash with anything!
Testa Motari Notebooks

This is for the new socialite moms. Face it, the few moments they're actually at home, do they REALLY want to look at their kid? Hell no! This particular customized PC is their reward for successfully not ending their kid's life for a whole year! Always important to have a nice frame for your window to life, aka Facebook. There's Gold and pear wood on these babies! Pear wood!

iPhone 4: Diamond Edition

This is the cake of it all. This defines the woman who has sent her kids off the boarding school/college and is the creme de la creme of the urban social scene. This is the woman you should be scared of, she has $25,000 to spend on a phone cover, and only accepts real diamonds. She is not to be messed with! This cover designed by Stuart Hughes specially for the White iPhone 4 is the bling of blings. With real diamonds and platinum to its name, the only thing missing is ivory, which I'm sure it would have if the elephants weren't dying out. This woman's protege would carry nothing less than the African wood with 18K gold and Swarovski crystals cover though.

If you guys come across any bling-ed out devices out of the box, please post them in the comments section. Extra points if you guess at which stage of the socialite's life cycle they fit in!

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