ECS adds some 'bling' to their Z77 Black Extreme motherboards

Elitegroup Computer Systems today reveals their first production of Z77 Black Extreme Series - Golden Limited Edition. Available in two models - Z77H2-AX and Z77H2-A2X, they are the top-of-the-line motherboards in the ECS Black Extreme Series. The Golden Limited Edition features triple-thickness gold plated connectors and has passed the strictest quality tests, giving power users the security that the gold plating won't wear out after extensive component upgrades, safe guarding the board from the threat of corrosion. The boards are further individually-numbered, handcrafted and are outfitted in cool black with dazzling gold plated key components, giving both the Z77H2-AX and Z77H2-A2X, a sophisticated and classy appearance. We don’t have any pricing details on this, just yet.

A motherboard for King Tut

A motherboard for King Tut


Key features, include ATI CrossFireX and NVIDIA SLI graphics support with next generation PCI Express 3.0, QoolTech IV visible temperature technology to protect your valuable PC components, and support for the fastest 3rd generation Intel Core processors. To ensure maximum reliability and customer satisfaction, ECS has enhanced its already stringent quality control procedures by increasing the testing cycle for each of these very special boards to three times longer than the industry standard and by raising the burn in testing temperature to 125 percent of the industry standard. The Z77 Black Extreme Series boards are the first to provide full support for Intel's next-generation Ivy Bridge CPUs, but they still maintain compatibility with older socket 1155 CPUs to provide an easy upgrade path. The new Intel Z77 chipset at the heart of these motherboards is the first to include USB 3.0 support without external chips. Moreover, the Z77H2-AX and Z77H2-A2X are the first generation with official support for PCI Express 3.0 add-on card technology. The new Lucid Virtu MVP chip gives consumers both the high performance of add-on graphics cards and the economical power saving of integrated graphics.

The ECS Golden Edition Z77H2-AX and Z77H2-A2X both incorporate the Mini PCIe feature that provides mini SATA or mini PCIe interface, in order to support Intel Smart Response, Intel Smart Connect and Intel Rapid Start technologies, enabling better power saving as well as system longevity with greater responsiveness. Each of these high-end Z77 Black Extreme Series - Golden Limited Edition motherboards are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity personally signed by the  Director of Research and Development of ECS.

Here’s a quick video highlighting the latest features of the new series:


Published Date: Apr 10, 2012 10:53 am | Updated Date: Apr 10, 2012 10:53 am