eBay Updates Their iPhone App; It's All In One

EBay released a new version of their iPhone app, making this one all inclusive. With this app, users can buy, sell and scan all in the same application. Previously, there were separate applications for selling and scanning via eBay Selling and RedLaser respectively.

Two screen shots of the new eBay application for the iPhone

Version 2.0 as the new application is called, not only allows users to buy and sell but also allows them to scan barcodes for comparison shopping. Using eBay exclusively on the mobile is becoming more and more, a viable option. You can bid, check on your bids, buy used objects, sell your used objects, check on your transactions etc. The added functionality of barcode scanning in fact, takes using eBay on the phone versus the computer a step further. Barcode scanning allows users to compare retail prices versus eBay prices, and to add information about stuff they're selling.

To see a demo of eBay's new application for the iPhone, watch the video below.

Published Date: Nov 23, 2010 03:07 pm | Updated Date: Nov 23, 2010 03:07 pm