EA promises better gameplay with FIFA 14

The gameplay of the soon to be launched FIFA 14 is out and it looks like EA Canada has gone all out to get the best out of the Ignite engine that will debut along with the game. 


Following the traits of the Champions League winners Bayern Munich, FIFA 14 is looking to prioritise on the values that Juppa Heynckes inculcated into his team. Tactical strategy, power, possession and a couple of bombing wingers who can skip beyond opponents are some developments that the latest edition of the annual franchise has seen.


It looks like EA has included all the features that it had promised when the game was released few months ago. Seeing players like Gareth Bale, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Mario Gotze control the ball and dribble past the defenders, one can surely state that “Precision movement” is one of the new features of the game. This has resulted in improved ball control, more number of dribbles and a better quality of play.



The feature has also resulted in player's physic playing a greater role. The video shows players with a better physic easily getting past a player with a mediocre built; on the other hand, the player struggles to keep the ball against a player with a good or a better physic.


With FIFA 14, EA has introduced the “Team-mate Intelligence” feature, which helps in creating new run types to make goal-scoring opportunities more exciting. As a result, players possess the intelligence to break down the defence by creating space for them.


“Protect the Ball” is another feature that is expected to improve the gameplay. The feature, as seen in the video, enables the player to fend off and block opponents from the ball while running at any speed. With the ball at his feet, a player can hold the opponent using his back and maintain possession before creating some space to make a pass.


To see the ball curl away from the goal could be one of the most viewed scenes on FIFA 14 because of “Pure Shot”. This feature lets FIFA fans feel what it is like to connect with the perfect strike while the “Real Ball Physics” will ensure the trajectory of the ball behaves as it would in real life. So, a shot hit from the inside of a foot will send the ball spinning into goal rather than through a straight line as it used to happen earlier.

Published Date: Jun 06, 2013 06:03 pm | Updated Date: Jun 06, 2013 06:03 pm