EA announces Amusement Park expansion pack for SimCity

EA has officially announced that its controversial city-building game SimCity is getting a new expansion pack. The expansion pack, dubbed The Announcement Park, will be available on EA's own digital distribution service Origin on May 28. As of yet, EA hasn't announced any pricing for the expansion pack.

The expansion pack will allow players to add a new tourist attraction, the titular amusement park, to their cities. The amusement park is said to be complex and will require attention. According to Gameplay Scripter Jason Halvorson, "Running a successful Amuesement Park is almost a mini-game in itself."

The Amusement Park will bring new attractions to cities

The Amusement Park will bring new attractions to cities


Efficiency will be key with the amusement park – while it will generate money for your city, the onus lies on you to build the perfect layout to maximise profits, since you need to have an efficient layout to get park guests to rides and attractions in efficient ways.

To get the amusement park going, players wll need to place one of three main gates for the park. Each gate comes with one ride, a concession stand and a small road that you can link to the rest of your city.

The attractions of the park will be split into two sets – primary attractions and secondary ones. The primary attractions will be the big rides, like a roller coaster. Secondary attractions are cheaper to build and maintain than the primary ones, but don't satisfy customers as much. Secondary ones include drop towers and carousels. The cheapest attractions in the expansion pack will be the concession stands, which have a small capacity, but satisfy more guests faster.

New modules for the expansion pack will become available as you boost your daily profits and upgrade the park to higher levels.

Published Date: May 27, 2013 01:07 pm | Updated Date: May 27, 2013 01:07 pm