E3 2012: Sony ties up with HTC to bring PS style gaming to Android

E3 has been ablaze with red hot news from all the gaming developers and in what could be considered a rather weird turn of events, Sony announced a new partnership with HTC to bring PlayStation gaming to the mobile platform. PlayStation Mobile is the new name for what used to be called Sony PlayStation Suite that was first incorporated into the company’s first and so far, only attempt at a true gaming handset, the Xperia Play


The Xperia Play died a silent death, as it didn’t seem to please the mobile gaming masses too much, due to its chunky design form, among other issues. The potential for a Vite style mobile handset does exist, but that could tear away the focus from the company’s PlayStation Vita, portable gaming console. 


But it seems like in order to promote the gaming platform itself, Sony has decided that HTC was their best bet at further ‘mobilizing’ their portable gaming solution. To bring mobile gaming to the Android community, Sony revealed a tie up with Taiwanese handset maker HTC at their E3 keynote. 


The company claims that the response to their PlayStation Suite beta (April 2012) when it launched was "nothing short of phenomenal." and naturally they aim to cash in on it as much as possible. The company has already stated that they have a slew of PlayStation certified devices, which include tablets as well, that are on the cards for 2012. 

PlayStation Mobile to come to HTC

PlayStation Mobile to come to HTC


This partnership could also mean a rise in sales and overall figures for the Taiwanese company that hasn’t been faring too well in the last few months. They’ve been posting losses in the last quarter even with the recent launch of their latest flagship model the HTC One X, that seems to be helping them stay above the rip tide. 


With the rise in mobile gaming and the tie up with Sony, we could be seeing the mobile gaming platform reaching new heights this year with a better class of handsets as well. Naturally, we can’t hope to see PS3 style games on the mobile screen… yet, however I’m sue the games designed for the PS2, PSP and earlier editions will do just fine. 


Perhaps Sony and HTC could even work together to bring an all new PS Phone to the market and let’s hope it’s better designed than the last one.


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Published Date: Jun 05, 2012 10:19 am | Updated Date: Jun 05, 2012 10:19 am