DVI and VGA connectors to be phased out in five years

The DVI video interface has been around for more than a decade now. VGA, has been around for even longer - more than two decades in all. Now, it looks like both these widely used PC video interfaces are going to become obsolete in the coming years. PC World Australia is carrying a story about these standards going extinct in the next five years, as per a report by NPD In-Stat. There’s been a clear trend where all devices from PCs to laptops have moved to HDMI and DisplayPort connectors. They’re superior in many ways and the benefits range from having more bandwidth, carrying audio as well as being more compact. 

Not going to be around much longer

Not going to be around much longer



Intel and AMD, both large processor and chipset manufacturers have said that VGA is going to be phased out by 2015. Already, almost no Intel official motherboards today come built with any VGA ports. Even graphics card manufacturers have stopped bundling VGA ports and convertors with their products. DVI is still around and is probably the most popular video connector, as far as desktop PCs and graphics cards are concerned. HDMI is also widely present and DisplayPort is just about beginning to become popular. LCD display manufacturers are also very slowly adding DisplayPort connectors to their monitors. VGA and DVI, on the other hand did not evolve through the years, whereas HDMI seems to have adapted to the needs. The 1.4a standard, for example, has support for 3D content.


PC World reports that there are PC and notebook manufacturers who aren’t even bundling HDMI ports, but come built with DisplayPort connectivity. DisplayPort seems to be more geared towards notebooks and PCs, whereas HDMI is better suited for multimedia applications, such as media players, gaming consoles and Blu-ray players. NPD In-Stat also claims that the number of DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort enabled devices by 2015 will exceed 2 billion. Although VGA and DVI are expected to fade out gradually, there are converter adapters available that let users use those connectors over HDMI.

Published Date: Jan 21, 2012 01:15 pm | Updated Date: Jan 21, 2012 01:15 pm