Dropbox doubles storage for its Pro users

Dropbox has announced some new upgrades for users opting for the paid version of the cloud service. Through an official blog post, the online storage service has announced that the Dropbox Pro now comes in flavors of 100GB and 200GB, but all at the price of the original 50GB and 100GB plans. Besides, those looking for even more space can now opt for the new 500GB plan. Moreover, Dropbox Pro subscribers don’t have to run through any procedures for the upgrade as Dropbox will supersize itself automatically. “If you’re already a Dropbox Pro subscriber, just take a seat and enjoy the fireworks — your Dropbox will supersize itself automatically tonight,” said the blog.

Double the storage...

Double the storage...


Well, the goodies don’t end here. Dropbox is also offering its existing Pro users a three month Pro 100 trial to share with friends and family. Click here to check all the pricing details for Dropbox accounts. Those who use Dropbox for business purposes can also check out the package dubbed Teams, which allows 1TB storage for five users.

The blog also penned down the reason for this additional storage space. It says, “Since time immemorial (2008), folks have been asking us for a bigger Dropbox. We’ve heard from architects with giant drafting files and photographers with huge portfolios, but mostly we hear from families who have more than 100 GB of photos, docs and videos. And now that Dropbox can automatically upload your photos from just about any camera or phone, everyone’s adding tons of pictures and videos to Dropbox every day. As people add more stuff to Dropbox, we want to make sure they don’t have to worry about space.”

Dropbox isn’t the only cloud storage service. Biggies like Microsoft have the Skydrive while Google has its Google Drive which is relatively new and was launched in April. Microsoft and Dropbox have been gearing up their services to compete with Google’s new service. Skydrive and Dropbox have had an advantage over Google in terms of the amount of storage space. Dropbox has been sprucing up its service as the year 2012 flagged off. To attract users, Dropbox had announced to offer up to 16GB of free space for users who can get their friends and contacts to join Dropbox. For every user added, Dropbox would add 500 MB of space to the account. Users can add upto 32 people and get 16GB of free space in the process. Dropbox is also available on popular mobile platforms. In February this year, it had added a new photo uploading feature for Android smartphones and later to the iOS platform, potentially sharpening its competition with Google, Apple, and a host of other companies battling to rule the burgeoning market for online storage solutions. 

Published Date: Jul 11, 2012 03:33 pm | Updated Date: Jul 11, 2012 03:33 pm