Droolworthy Apple iWatch concept designs

The iWatch has captured the imaginations of Apple fanboys and the general audience alike ever since the first rumours about an iOS powered wrist-watch surfaced. Apple's worst kept secret, the iWatch, is slowly taking shape and form fuelled by rumours and half-baked information.

We know that Apple has filed a bunch of patents of what the iWatch could possibly look like or behave like. A flexible display with a slap-wrist wearing style and the ability to connect to your iPhone via Bluetooth are some of the features of the phone that we’ve heard about. It was also announced that the watch will be running a reworked version of iOS and that a 100 man team is developing it.

With word on the street being that the watch is slated to be released sometime later this year, concept designs have sprouted up all over the Internet, as with the release of any Apple product. We decided to scour the interwebz for the best, the wackiest and the most accurate iWatch concept designs and put them together in one list.

Created by Antonio De Rosa



Created by Antonio De Rosa
The repeated iPod nano comparisons have a face. ADR Studio first created the iWatch design and concept back in 2011 only to come back in 2013 with a more improved iWatch 2. The super-device has a brilliant battery life, 32GB of memory, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity and an RSS reader.

The iWatch 2 connects to your iPad or iPhone using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and has an LCD projector and a front-facing camera for your Face Time calls. The ultra slim watch is designed from polycarbonate, aluminium, PK2 and Kevlar.

The concept incorporates the iPod nano comparisons really well. Ever since the tiny music player was launched, we’ve had a lot of users strapping it onto their wrists or arms just like a watch, fuelling the very first iWatch rumours. We can bet on this one being a very accurate description of what the real iWatch will end up looking like.

Created by Andres Kjellberg

A roundish iWatch


Created by Andres Kjellberg
Swedish designer Kjellberg’s iWatch comes with a Retina Display and an 8MP camera that puts the focus right back on using the iOS watch for making voice and Face Time calls.

Support for HD recording, iTunes as well as Google Maps (take that for wishful thinking) makes this concept design a very app friendly one. This iWatch obviously incorporates Wi-Fi and Bluetooth but comes with a slightly toned down 16GB of storage space. The best bit about this concept watch is that it jumps onto the latest wireless charging bandwagon. The watch also has a proximity sensor, an ambient light sensor as well as an accelerometer.

Kjellberg has ditched the slightly rounded features of iOS devices, trading it for a completely round one that isn’t very impressive.

Created by Tolga Tuncer

No touchscreen, no problem!


Created by Tolga Tuncer
Wowza! A non-touchscreen OLED combined with a slim touchpad makes this sleek iWatch concept a piece of beauty. While everyone is salivating over a completely touchscreen iWatch, Tuncer creates this flexible bracelet concept with MP3 controls thrown in at the lower end of the body.

The entire device is barely 3.3 cm wide with various sections attached to the body. We have to thank the aluminium touchpad for this as it makes it possible to do away with the touchscreen and the bulkiness that comes with it. The concept watch has the ability to communicate with your iPhone, iPad, iMac and MacBook over Cloud sync

Created by Yrving Torrealba

Transparent iWatch? Yummy!


Created by Yrving Torrealba
As far as concept designs go, this one takes the term “concept” a bit too seriously. A transparent iWatch, Why not? Made of Willow Glass, the ultra-thin, strong and flexible material is only 100 microns thick and any Apple fanboy’s wet-dream.

The watch looks like an ideal cross between the iPod nano and the strap-watch patent thrown in together with a very futuristic looking transparent watch. The phone of course has a front facing camera, a feature all concept designers seem to be unanimous upon, Bluetooth and support for Siri. The watch can also act as a remote control for your other iDevices.

Created by Nikolai Lamm

Spiral patent of Apple put to use


Created by Nikolai Lamm
Conceptulised keeping in mind the spiral navigation patent filed by Apple, the app-heavy concept of the iWatch by Lamm is minimalistic in its exterior design, putting all focus on the watch’s features.

“Even if the iWatch can’t be on the same level as the iPhone or the iPad, I believe it can still be something that captures our imagination. It can still be as easy to use and beautiful as any other Apple product,” explains Lamm. The iWatch concept is very similar to the Ikepod Geneve Horizon series admits the designer as its design is very “Apple-esque”.

The design makes the iWatch seem like a must have add-on to your iPad or iPhone, syncing wirelessly with them and running apps on your wrist.

Created by Frederico Ciccarese

iSiri, yes siree!


Created by Frederico Ciccarese
The genius of a designer has come up with several iOS device concept designs in the past and ended up designing a minimalistic Siri based iWatch design concept too. The iWatch is called iSiri in the concept and allows the user to ask it any question to receive answers without having to take your phone out of your bag.

The iSiri connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth to offer you everything the Siri residing in your phone would offer. You can ask Siri how the weather is, get it to write a message to a friend or place a call using your phone.

The flat disc shaped design is a hybrid that lets you strap it on like a watch or plug-in your earphones into it. Quite like your iPhone, there is a lightning port on the bottom of the device along with speakers on either side of it. The more fashionable ones could probably hang it around their necks to turn it into a style statement. Now, this is one concept we would love to see made.

iPhone 5 concept created by Frederico Ciccarese

The iPhone 5 concept design does well as the iWatch


Also by Ciccaresse is a concept iPhone 5 design that in hindsight looks more like an iWatch design but with a brilliant science-fiction twist. Well, it's not a wrist watch, but more of a bracelet that rests on the back of your palm, attaching itself to your wrist and the spaces between your fingers - kind of like a spider.

Not much was revealed by the designer except concept images, so it speculated that it’s supposed to have aluminium “holders” that attach themselves to your hand, a flexible screen and a camera. The comic book fan inside us is doing cartwheels right now. You can’t see it, but it is.

Created by Chocolate Studios

Made to be an e-paper device, Chocolate Studios' slap bracelet could be inspiration for the iWatch creators


Created by Chocolate Studios
Someone must be having a time-machine, because this design by Chocolate Studios all the way back from 2008 is as close as it gets to the iWatch design spoken about in Apple’s patents. Slap-on bracelet, flexible display, the works – the design originally made to be an e-paper slap bracelet seems to be one of the top contenders for iWatch’s final design.

When unraveled – or unslapped – the watch sports a full display that sports an e-paper on its body. The flexible display moulds its way around your wrist and, wait till you hear this, the watch powers itself using your kinetic energy. Now, we would pay good money for this smartwatch.

Created by Esben Oxholm

As accurate as it gets!


Created by Esben Oxholm
Unanimously the favourite contender for being the best and the closest iWatch concept belongs to Oxholm. Borrowing heavily from iPhone 5’s dark, minimalistic aesthetics, the iWatch sports a sleek look. It wraps around your wrist like a bracelet, maybe even like a slap-on.

Constructed with an aluminium body on the outside and soft matte rubber on the inside, the watch is thin, crisp and to the point. It has only one physical button – quite like iPhone 5’s home button – and has a curved display. You can add or remove spaces on the lower end of the bracelet.


Here's a quick look at all the drool-worthy designs:

Which of these do you think will come the closest to Apple’s iWatch when it possibly releases later this year? Which one would you want to own? Let us know!


(Cover image credit: maximizingprogress.org)

Published Date: Mar 06, 2013 12:11 pm | Updated Date: Mar 06, 2013 12:11 pm