doubleTwist going Holo in the next update

doubleTwist, which has dubbed itself as the “iTunes for the Android smartphones”, has been looking at a new version of its music playback/syncing app for Android. While the news was not supposed to get out just yet, a post on the doubleTwist blog was spotted by AndroidPolice, though the post was taken down almost immediately.

The post stated that the revamped doubeTwist will be a "Holo” version. From what can be seen, the new version will not be a complete overhaul of the existing design. Rather, it looks like the developers are tweaking the user interface a bit.


From what can be seen, doubleTwist, which updated its current UI in 2012, will see some streamlining. According to the post, that will include flattening the interface, changing the colours that you can see and streamlining the fonts. An additional change to the menu/action bar may be welcomed by users as well.

doubleTwist could be seeing a Holo update next. (image credit: gawkerassets)

The current doubleTwist UI could be seeing a Holo update next. (image credit: gawkerassets)



According to the blogpost that has now been taken down, dT developers were not sure about some of the custom UI features that have been integrated into doubleTwist, and whether they should remove it or not to reflect the changes that Android has been seeing in the past. At the base of this uncertainty was the fear that the current Holo guidelines that were being followed may be changed in the future.


However, with the Holo guidelines seemingly being cemented, doubleTwist developers will be looking at integrating more of Android’s design language. While there has been no official statement yet, going by the blogpost dated May 28, it is possible that the update will be rolled out in the next few days.     

Published Date: May 28, 2013 19:39 PM | Updated Date: May 28, 2013 19:39 PM