Doodle 4 Google Reaches its Final Leg

If the Google doodle has long fascinated you, so much so that you’ve had your own doodle designed; then this is news that should excite you more than anyone else.

Artists at work..

Artists at work..




The best creative minds in the US are at work. Their mission? To win the Doodle 4 Google contest that’s nearing completion. Over a 1, 07,000 students have sent in their doodle impressions to Google. In a competition of this magnitude, the task at hand just got trickier for Google and its panel of judges that include the names of some well-known industry figures like Whoopi Goldberg, Evan Lysacek, Michael Phelps and Jim Davis, among others.

The competition has now reached its finale stages, wherein a lot of 40 creative minds are set to be judged by the panelists. The winner, of course, gets the best piece of the cake i.e. having his/her doodle featured on the Friday version (May 20, 2011) of, in addition to winning a $15,000 college scholarship and $25,000 towards a new computer lab for his or her school.

Watch this space for the winning name and the doodle that bowled Google over.