DoNotPay AI lawyer upgraded to help people tackle disputes with landlords and credit card fraud

The "worlds first robot lawyer" - which has so far overturned parking tickets worth USD 10 million in the UK and the US - can now help people tackle legal disputes regarding landlords, credit card fraud and harassment at work free of cost. The online tool, developed by 20-year-old British student Joshua Browder at Stanford University in the US, has been upgraded to fight legal disputes in 1,000 different areas.

These include fighting landlords over security deposits and house repairs, and helping people report fraud to their credit card agency. "Theres so much exploitation going on where landlords arent behaving properly. Im really excited about how it can help people," said Browder. "I really hope it will help people stand up for their rights for free and instantly," he said. To get robot advice, users need to type their problem into the DoNotPay website, which directs them to a chat bot that can solve their legal issue.

It can draft letters and offer advice on problems from credit card fraud to airline compensation, The Telegraph reported. It can also understand complex disputes such as employment rights and offer a range of suggestions. With problems around parental leave and harassment at work it provides options with different levels of formality. It can send a casual letter, an official one, and file a complaint to the regulator.

The tool can fight parking tickets in just 30 seconds. DoNotPay had negated more than 375,000 tickets worth around USD 10 million in the UK, New York and Seattle. At present the robot lawyer can solve problems that involve a single document, such as filling out a form or writing a letter. Browder is now planning to develop the tool so it can handle more complicated processes.

Published Date: Jul 14, 2017 20:39 PM | Updated Date: Jul 14, 2017 20:39 PM