Disney launches ScribbleMix, its first mobile-only drawing game

Disney Interactive has announced the launch of its first mobile-only game title, ScribbleMix. The gameplay revolves around two players who compete with each other in a Pictionary-style contest. One person is seen drawing the clue while the opponent must guess based on a series of words generated.

The game is being released for both iOS and Android devices and will see a Windows 8 version in the near future. ScribbleMix is Disney Interactive’s first mobile-first game and has some similarities to Zynga’s Draw Something, another game you can play on Facebook.  


While the game revolves around drawing, the focus is on making a doodle, or a simple scribble. The game also revolves around team work, because while you are trying to beat your opponent, you also need their help to advance the game itself.

Disney Interactive has launched its first mobile-only Pictionary based game, ScribbleMax

Disney Interactive has launched its first mobile-only Pictionary based game, ScribbleMax



In the game, the opposing teams or individuals will be set up on a map and will be given a challenge via a Pictionary format. As the game advances, so will the difficulty level. The prize of each challenge completed is a star, and the objective of the game remains to get as many stars as possible. The better the guess about a particular drawing, the more stars the team will get.   


At the start of each level, the drawer will be given a phrase. In the gameplay, drawers can “re-spin” to a new phrase to draw, at the cost of the tokens or stars that they have collected through earlier games. The drawer then has to scribble out the phrase and submit it to be replayed back to their opponent, the guesser. The game provides a set of nouns, verbs and adjectives, and the phrase is assembled based on the drawer’s choice.



ScribbleMix has also made things easier for gamers to find their opponents by integrating with Facebook. However, there is no direct integration with a Web browser yet, so you cannot play it directly on Facebook or any other social networking site. The game will provide three game packs to choose from, with more premium packs based on big named movies and TV shows being talked about.  


The company has said that its target groups are those above 18, but also states that the game is suitable for the younger audiences. There are a few reasons why this is interesting. First, this title is Disney’s first mobile-only game. Secondly, this is a step away from Disney’s usual modus operandi. Previously, all Disney games were made for Facebook first, and then shifted to the mobile platform.  


Players can download the free version of the game from the Apple App store and Google Play or opt for the ad free version of the same for $0.99 (Rs 56 approx).

Published Date: Jun 06, 2013 07:05 pm | Updated Date: Jun 06, 2013 07:05 pm