DICE explains the maps for Battlefield 3: Endgame

DICE, the developer of Battlefield 3, has unveiled new information about the upcoming DLC for the game, dubbed Endgame. While we all knew that this is set to be the last DLC for Battlefield 3, it seems to be apparent that DICE wants the DLC of the game to end with a bang.

According to the Battlefield blog, Endgame is set to have four maps. The company says that the maps are comparable to fan favourites Caspian Border and Operation Firestorm from the base game, with the flag layouts having more in common with maps from the vehicle-based DLC Armored Kill.

The company also says that while the maps have been made with the new dirt bike vehicles in mind, the new anti-air vehicles will also see heavy use on them. "This new transport has a roof mounted turret that can switch between rockets and anti-air missiles to protect your infantry and combat air threats," says the blog post.

The four maps are named Operation Riverside, Nebandan Flats, Kiasar Railroad and Sabalan Pipeline. The game modes supported by the new maps are the new Capture the Flag mode and the new Air Superiority mode, along with the classic Conquest, Rush, Squad Rush, Team Deathmatch and Squad Deathmatch modes.

It looks like Endgame is going to End the Game. Get it?

It looks like Endgame is going to End the Game. Get it?


Operation Riverside seems to take place during the fall with the map being divided along its axis by a small river. The map seems to be focused towards infantry rather than all-out vehicular warfare. There seems to be a lot of cover that will give soldiers some breathing room between all the gunfights.

Nebandan Flats is set to be an arid desert that hides a secret weapons and munitions depot, which is the main reason of conflict in the area. The map is set to be relatively open, which could lead to it being dominated primarily by vehicles.

Kiasar Railroad is set near a logging camp, with the main reason of the conflict being the strategic railway stretch across the maps that is meant to help with covert weapon deliveries. There are many height changes in this map, which could possibly lead to it being heavy on the focus on land vehicles, like the new dirt bike.

The Sabalan Pipeline is set during winter, with snow covering the majority of the map. It is dotted with industrial buildings, which could see a mix between personnel carrying vehicles and infantry dominating the landscape, along with helicopters. It is set to have narrower roads that could lead to interesting gunfights because of the choke points.