Developers can now reply to user queries right from Google Play Store

The gap that has always existed between developers making apps and the users, their customers, has finally been bridged. Google announced on the Android Developers Forum that developers will now be able to reply to any and all queries, complains and reviews that any user may have.

The company spoke at length about how the new system will help prioritise and identify bugs that may exist in the apps available based on user reviews. Improvements and new ideas based on feedback was another point that the company brought across while talking about this.

This is definitely a relief for everyone, primarily because most developers live on the reputation of their apps. The ability to be able to address user problems quickly, linking them to relevant sources, all on a public forum, is a huge step in ensuring that apps retain their reputation and get a good rating.

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Google lets Developers and Users finally communicate


Many developers were left frustrated earlier, because they would have to address the complaints privately. Another problem faced were the complaints which were more often than not left unchanged after the solution was provided. Even now, Google does not make it mandatory for users to change their comments after developers reply to them.

That being said, communication between developers and users is still much-needed. The ability to respond to user comments had been around for almost a year, with a false start seen in January. Earlier a handpicked team of “Top Developers” were allowed to reply to user comments. Now it seems that Google has finally worked out the kinks and opened the podium for all developers.

Published Date: May 14, 2013 02:59 pm | Updated Date: May 14, 2013 02:59 pm