Developer gets Team Fortress 2 running in a browser

Games are coming to your web browser and we’re not talking about those silly 2D flash games. We’ve seen Quake 3 make an appearance on the browser, and Quake Live is the result of that. The latest title to show up on a browser is Team Fortress 2. While other games have depended on plugins to run, Team Fortress 2 on the browser runs with the help of just WebGL. According to a story by Geek, Unreal Engine 3 was demonstrated using Flash. Brandon Jones over at Motorola Mobility was the one to report the popular 2Fort map to WebGL. The map runs at a good 60 fps most of the time with occasional spikes to 100fps. While Unreal Engine 3 looked great on Flash, Team Fortress 2 looks rather plain, because of missing elements such as the normal maps, lighting and the skybox.




The developer has made the code available at Github, but the content obviously belongs to Valve. With Team Fortress 2 free to play, maybe such a development should interest Valve. A Team Fortress 2 being run on a web browser would be really amazing and open up a whole bunch of possibilities. 

Published Date: Oct 11, 2011 04:22 pm | Updated Date: Oct 11, 2011 04:22 pm