Details of an AMD FX-Series Processor Leaked

Details of an upcoming FX-Series Processor from AMD’s stable have been leaked. The AMD FX 8110, based on the Bulldozer architecture, has had its specs revealed and its performance shown off using some benchmarks.


Are you, aren't you?

Are you, aren't you?



The image was “borrowed” from Gigabyte’s Corporate network and leaked on Rumorpedia. It shows the FX 8110 to be a 95W TDP, 32nm processor with 8-cores. Funnily enough, Windows shows it as running at 2.8GHz while CPU-Z has it at 3.8GHz, presumably due to AMD’s Turbo Boost technology. You can check the full-sized version of the image here.



The image is very likely to be fake though, what with the two recycle bins on the desktop and seemingly multiple active windows. Even if it is though, it’s something to hold on to at the very least, because the benchmark results are rather impressive, to say the least. AMD will be hoping they can show off results of this caliber when they introduce the FX-Series - which they are scheduled to, if rumours are to be believed, at Computex later this month.


Published Date: May 12, 2011 09:11 pm | Updated Date: May 12, 2011 09:11 pm