Dell gives Haswell upgrades to XPS 12, XPS 27 and XPS 8500 PCs

Dell is now upgrading its current product line-up with an aim to refresh the machines which are up for grabs in the market. This move shows that the company is covering all bases – with Dell adding new releases as well as giving its existing machines all the new tech in the market.

The first machine that is seeing an upgrade is the XPS 12 convertible Ultrabook. The company is now adding an NFC chip as well as Haswell processors to increase the performance of the ultrabook. The XPS 12 will also be seen with a bigger 50 Wh battery, which is definitely a step up from the earlier seen 47 Wh battery.

According to Dell, the new CPU and the increased power pack will allow the system to last up to nine and a half hours in one charge cycle. This is three more hours than what the XPS 12 could earlier give. The price for users will remain the same, though, at $1200 (Rs 67,728), and the company plans to start shipping the machine out from July 9.

The Dell XPS 12 convertible ultrabook

The Dell XPS 12 is among the line-up that Dell is upgrading with new processors and other features....


The next on the list is the XPS 27 All-in-One. The first change that Dell is bringing is an increased resolution to the screen. The XPS 27 will now be seen with a 2560 x 1440 screen, which also has improved brightness of 350 nits, as opposed to the earlier 300 nits. The XPS 27 will also feature a wider colour gamut which stands at 99 percent, as compared to the earlier 72 percent. The AiO will also have its processor changed, with the new Haswell processor and a 2GB next-gen NVIDIA GPU powering the piece. A Thunderbolt port, TPM and Dell's ProSupport service offering rounds up the new version of the XPS 27.


The storage capacity of the XPS 27 has also been upgraded, with the AiO now featuring a 2TB, 7200RPM enabled HDD which will be seen paired with a 256GB SSD. The XPS 27 will be seen sporting the same price tag of $1600 (Rs 90,304) and upwards, which was seen in the earlier model with a touchscreen.

Dell also looks at its desktop offerings by replacing the existing XPS 8500 with the XPS 8700. The desktop will feature a Haswell processor, four HDD bays, along with 4TB of storage and up to 32 GB of RAM. In addition the SSD will come in featuring Intel’s Smart Response Technology for easier use. The XPS 8700 will sport a price tag starting from $700 (Rs 39,508).

Published Date: Jun 04, 2013 07:59 pm | Updated Date: Jun 04, 2013 07:59 pm