Dell Asks Employees to Ditch Blackberry Phones

Dell is asking its employees to stop using Blackberry devices and pick up the Venue Pro as a replacement. The company will offer its 25,000 employees the Windows 7 powered device. It also plans to support Android versions in the future.

Dell ditches RIM

The decisions stems from the fact that Dell has decided to take on RIM and wants to kick all Blackberry devices out of the office as well as offer its mobile solutions to other business clients. In fact, Dell has created a page on eBay where it can sell all the Blackberry phones the employees will return.

Employees will be able to pick the Dell Phones with and without data and voice plans as per their requirements. The trade-in begins next week and is projected to save Dell 25 percent in mobile costs, mostly due to the elimination of Blackberry servers.

Blackberry has been having a fairly bad year with weak sales, criticism over lack of innovation and the recent fight over privacy issues in the Middle East and especially in India where the respective governments threatened to ban RIM services for not allowing them access customer messages and data.

Published Date: Nov 08, 2010 03:13 pm | Updated Date: Nov 08, 2010 03:13 pm