Deepika Padukone is New Brand Ambassador for Sony Cyber-shot

Sony India has announced the launch of its Cyber-shot ‘Super wide shot Supermodel Campaign’ and introduced Deepika Padukone as the Brand Ambassador for the category. Hence, the campaign has been named ‘Super wide shot Supermodel’ campaign. The cameras have been equipped with a unique feature called Sweep Panorama that can be used to capture ultra-wide pictures with a huge field view of up to 270 degrees.

Masaru Tamagawa, Managing Director, Sony India, said, "The new cameras effortlessly blend technology with style and give consumers the best photo-imaging experience ever.” He added, “We were looking for a Brand Ambassador whose personality could mirror this experience and give it a materialistic form. Deepika is a free spirited, bubbly, young girl who at the same time is extremely talented and a professional. The association seemed obvious with so many common factors between Cyber-shot and Deepika which appeal to the youth instantly.”

Speaking on the occasion, Deepika Padukone said, “It is a matter of great pride for me to be associated with a cult brand like Sony”.

With the Sweep Panorama technology, the camera can continuously shoot at a high speed, and then auto-stitch the images together with automatic position adjustment to create one stunning panoramic image in as fast as 3 seconds. Available in wide and ultra-wide options, the camera can take panoramic shots of up to 270 degrees.

Published Date: Apr 08, 2010 03:35 pm | Updated Date: Apr 08, 2010 03:35 pm