Dead Island: Riptide will be making an appearance at PAX

One of last year’s most notable releases was a brand new zombie shooter named Dead Island. The game had some great ideas but was riddled with many flaws that stopped the game from being great. Dead Island is now all set to get a sequel, titled Dead Island: Riptide. According to OnlySP, the game is set to make an appearance during the upcoming gaming event, Penny Arcade Expo (PAX). According to Sebastian Reichert, creative director of the first Dead Island game, there will be hands-on demos and exclusive demonstrations at the event.

Dead Island: Riptide will be making an appearance at PAX

Dead Island: Riptide will be making an appearance at PAX


Dead Island is a zombie survival game set on a tropical island. The game has the player pick one out of four characters, and then go running around the island saving people, killing zombies and all sorts of other stuff heroes in zombie apocalypse stories are supposed to do. You can either play the game solo via the single player campaign or team on with four of your friends to take on the undead co-operatively. Dead Island combines first-person action with a heavy focus on melee combat, character development and customisation of a vast array of weapons. All of these gameplay features are presented in a dark story inspired by classic zombie movies with a gritty and engrossing campaign that can be played with up to four players in co-op mode. The game also features a crafting system where you can make crazy weapons to use against the undead horde, provided you have the materials and the blueprints required for the weapon.

Dead Island had received two major DLCs (downloadable content), titled the Ryder White DLC and the Bloodbath Arena DLC. In the Ryder White DLC, players take the role of the villain of the story – Ryder White. The game mostly focuses on showing the motivations behind the actions of Ryder White. In the Bloodbath Arena DLC, four different arenas offer new challenges that can be played alone or in coop mode. It’s a desperate fight for survival where waves after waves of unrelenting zombies attack, each one more gruesome than the previous one! In this DLC, characters can loot experience points and items and bring them over to the campaign mode. Players can also show off their skills in zombie fighting with the newly implemented leaderboards. There is a Game of the Year edition of Dead Island available which bundles the game and both the DLCs together.

Here are some of the features of the original game:

  • First-person melee combat
  • 4-player coop
  • Weapon customisation
  • Set on an gorgeous open world tropical island
  • RPG elements for character development
  • Hordes of gruesome zombies

You can read our review of the first Dead Island game here.

Published Date: Aug 27, 2012 12:18 pm | Updated Date: Aug 27, 2012 12:18 pm