Day 5 of Game4u's 12 Days of Christmas sale offers Crysis 2 for Rs 499

Day 5 of Game4u's 12 Days of Christmas sale has started with the newest game being Crysis 2. Developed by Crytek, the game was a sequel to what was widely considered to be one of the prettiest tech demos to ever come out. The game is available at a 50 percent discount at downloads4u, bringing its price down from Rs 999 to Rs 499.

Crysis 2 saw a major change from the tropical island setting of the first game to a more urban setting. It also had a more fleshed out story than the previous game, and was widely considered tobe not as good at graphical fidelity as the first game. Read our review of Crysis 2 here.

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Crysis 2 now available at a massive discount


The previous game up for sale was Tropico 3. The city-building parody of the Cold War was available at a price of Rs 49, which is a 50 percent discount on its original price of Rs 99.

In Tropico 3, you play as 'El Presidente' of an island somewhere in the Carribbean. The Cold War is in full swing and you have to manage and, hopefully, develop the island. This can be done through regular means, or if you're really evil, through a dictatorship. You can also ally yourself with either the capitalists in the West, or the communists in the East. This is a difficult decision, as allying with one or the other blocks out the options for laws you can pass. Tropico 3 is known for its tongue-in-cheek humour and parody of the otherwise serious Cold War.

Game4u's big Christmas Sale for its digital download service, downloads4u, is offering 12 big games for 12 days starting December 14, with discounts up to 70 percent on games for the PC and Mac, and a finale sale on December 25.

These 12 days will be a download marathon on downloads4u, featuring the best and the latest games in the market. On the last day (December 25), a bunch of games will be available on downloads4u at discount.

Game4u launched its digital distribution service—downloads4u—back in October.

Game4u is the first Indian retailer to feature a digital distribution platform in India. downloads4u is a platform where you can download around 300 games directly. From the all time favourite catalogue games that are nearly impossible to find in stores to the most recent options, Game4u offers a wide range of PC games at price points ranging between Rs 99 to Rs 2,499 using local payment options.

On the first day of the sale, downloads4u featured Need for Speed: Most Wanted with a discount of 40 percent, which brought down its original price of Rs 1,499 to Rs 899.

On the second day of the sale, Battlefield 3: Premium was up for grabs at a 70 percent discount, bringing down the price from Rs 2,499 to Rs 899. Battlefield 3: Premium includes the original Battlefield 3, along with all the DLCs for the game that have been released, including the next DLC, Endgame. Read our hands on for Battlefield 3: Premium here.

Published Date: Dec 18, 2012 10:36 AM | Updated Date: Dec 18, 2012 10:36 AM