Day 4 of Steam Summer Sale goes live

It’s the fourth day of Steam’s Summer Sale with a brand new list of games on sale. This may be the best day so far for the Summer Sale, with some great, critically acclaimed games up for grabs at low prices.


Some of the games on sale today are: Serious Sam 3: BFE, selling for $9.99 instead of $39.99; Saint’s Row The Third, selling for $12.49 instead of $49.99; Trine 2, selling for $3.74 instead of $14.99; The Walking Dead Series, selling for $14.99 instead of $24.99; The Darkness II, selling for $12.49 instead of $49.99; Hitman: Blood Money, selling for $2.49 instead of $9.99; and the Indie Bundle IV.


The Indie Bundle IV has the games A Valley Without Wind, Atom Zombie Smasher, Blocks That Matter, Sanctum, Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery EP. This bundle’s price is $9.99, instead of the usual $39.99. Buying all these games individually during the sale would cost $27.81.

Day 4 of the Summer Sale.

Day 4 of the Summer Sale.



The Pack Deals for today include packs like the Nordic Games Collection, which features classics like Painkiller and the Gothic series, going for $49.99 instead of $122.27. The Ubisoft Collection is still up for sale for $49.99 instead of $99.99, offering games like Assassin’s Creed: Revelations; From Dust; Might & Magic: Heroes VI; and Beyond Good & Evil. Also up is the Rockstar Collection, a bundle of four games: Grand Theft Auto IV; Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City; L.A. Noire; and Max Payne 3, up for a price of $49.99 instead of $119.96.


As of this post, the current Flash Deals on Steam’s Summer Sale are Prince of Persia, selling for $2.49 instead of $9.99; Killing Floor, selling for $3.74 instead of $14.99; Monkey Island: Special Edition bundle, selling for $3.74 instead of $14.99; and the Gothic & Arcania bundle selling for $12.49 instead of $49.99.


In case you missed it, some of the games on day 3 of Steam’s Summer Sale were Borderlands, selling for $4.99 instead of $19.99; Frozen Synapse, selling for $4.99 instead of $24.99; The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, selling for $29.79 instead of $59.99; Tropico 4: Steam Special Edition, selling for $7.49 instead of $29.99; and the Indie Bundle III, selling for $9.99 instead of $39.99. The Indie Bundle III had Bit.Trip Beat, Braid, Bunch of Heroes, Runespell: Overture, and Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet.


Steam is one of the most popular gaming platforms on the PC. It’s become an extremely popular game distribution platform that’s used by Valve and a whole bunch of other game publishers and developers. The platform's seasonal sales have been extremely popular with gamers the world over, with AAA titles going for as low as $10. This has always been one of the greatest strengths of the PC as a gaming platform.


You can keep track of some of the game Bundles that will be on sale by looking at the leaked list of Game Bundles to be on sale.

Published Date: Jul 16, 2012 10:29 am | Updated Date: Jul 16, 2012 10:29 am