Data is the biggest reason for ‘bill shock’, finds Deloitte’s India survey

In a survey conducted in major Indian cities, global consultancy firm Deloitte found majority of smartphone users complaining about high data tariffs. Data consumption was found to be the biggest source of ‘bill shock’ among mobile subscribers.

Even so, mobile networks remain the key connectivity channel for mobile subscribers using smartphones, preferred over Wi-Fi. "More than 60 percent of the respondents say that there have been times when their bills have been higher than what they expected over the past 12 months," the firm stated.

The next step

With 4G coming next year, 3G data tariffs are likely to fall


Data usage is followed by roaming charges as far as ‘bill shock’ is concerned. 46 percent respondents blamed it for their high bills. Next, 33 percent respondents said high bills were due to them exceeding call limits, while 32 percent of the respondents said it was because of exceeding mobile Internet usage allowance.

As roaming charges go down, this trend will skew even further towards data usage. In fact as network providers move towards allowing free roaming, they are restricting the caps on their data plans. "Deloitte sees that reduction in roaming charges lately will further tilt the trend towards data. Competition and a saturated mobile voice market has forced operators to offer very competitive capped data packages, which has led to affordability of data plans," the report added.

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Published Date: Dec 23, 2013 10:03 am | Updated Date: Dec 23, 2013 10:03 am