Daft Punk puts out Random Access Memories for streaming to tackle piracy

Piracy can pack its bags and leave through the backdoor. To tackle with pirates, Daft Punk’s much awaited album Random Access Memories has "leaked" on the iTunes artiste page even as a ripped copy of the album hit the Internet on Monday.

After a whole month of hype surrounding the electronic music duo’s Random Access Memories, the appearance of an iTunes link has sent the Internet into a tizzy over the early release. The best part about this release is that Daft Punk fans who did not pre-order the album can also listen to the album from Daft Punk’s iTunes page. All you need is iTunes installed on your computer or an iOS device.

Now on iTunes

Now on iTunes


The album has not been uploaded as separate tracks onto the page but as a single track that has a running length of 1 hour 14 minutes. Click on the “View on iTunes” button from the artiste page followed by the “Listen Now” button.

While some might call this a “leak”, this is surely not the first time an album has been put out on iTunes to combat piracy. Prior to Random Access Memories, Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience too was made available to the public in high quality.

But how does this help cut down piracy, you ask? A Daft Punk fan who has been sitting around for a month waiting for a month to hear Random Access Memories would jump at a chance to listen to and download the album, no matter what quality the tracks are of. Instead, the artistes themselves have released high quality tracks with the option to buy, or in this case, pre-order the album. Once the fan has got the taste of the track, he will most certainly want to listen to it again, thereby purchasing the album.

While this is not going to eliminate piracy completely, “leaking” your own album in high quality is definitely a start for the music industry. Good on Daft Punk, we say!

Published Date: May 14, 2013 04:31 pm | Updated Date: May 14, 2013 04:31 pm