D-Link launches personal cloud service - MyDLink Cloud

D-Link has publicly launched its MyDLink Cloud services that allow users to check-in on their home cameras and storage devices from anywhere in the world, via a website or dedicated smartphone apps. MyDLink Cloud is a “personal cloud” service, which does not actually host anything online, but instead gives users a central way to control and utilize their network-connected devices, while on the go. A new range of products that support MyDLink Cloud was also unveiled today - two home Wi-Fi N routers, two Wi-Fi network cameras, and one network-attached storage device.


The DCS-930L and DCS-932L “cloud cameras” can be controlled via the MyDLink Cloud website or apps. You can monitor video feeds from up to 99 cameras per user account. Configuring the camera does not involve any IP address settings or port forwarding. Instead, users simply create an account at MyDLink Cloud (as with any other Web service) and can instantly connect to their cameras. The cameras offer day/night viewing and can also save recorded video to a network location. Video is sent encrypted via MyDLink Cloud within seconds of users activating the stream from their smartphone or PC. The cameras are priced at Rs.4,299 and Rs.5,499, respectively.

Your services, everywhere

Your services, everywhere



The DNR-322L “cloud storage”  is a NAS device that retails for Rs.14,000 (without hard drives). Owners can access their stored data via the MyDLink Cloud apps or website, and share specific files with specific people with custom permission levels.


The DIR-600L and DIR-605L are Wi-Fi N routers, which allow users to control or configure them from anywhere. Users can also receive notifications anytime anyone attempts to connect to the network, alerting them to potential misuse. Parents can monitor their children’s browsing habits and change settings instantly.  The routers cost Rs.1,900 and Rs.2,900, respectively.


All MyDLink Cloud compatible hardware has the letter ‘L’ appended to the model number, and prices are roughly 20 percent above comparable products that don’t support the service. Going forward, D-Link expects all its devices across the home and business portfolios to support MyDLink Cloud. Unfortunately, the cloud services are not compatible with previously released D-Link products, as they require unique authentication numbers hard-coded into the devices for security and easy configuration. Apps for Android and iOS are available in the platforms’ app stores, and there are no recurring fees post purchase.

Published Date: Mar 05, 2012 06:27 pm | Updated Date: Mar 05, 2012 06:27 pm