Curtain goes up on Amazon's mystery tablet, Kindle Fire, tomorrow

Earlier this month, we had reported about there being speculations surrounding Amazon, and its probable Kindle tablet. Although its existence had been more or less confirmed, then, it still made up for a very hazy picture. However, now a report on TechCrunch confirms not only its existence, but also the fact that Kindle Fire (that's what it's called) is all set to make an appearance tomorrow morning in New York City. 

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It'll all be out tomorrow.. 



The report further revealed that the Kindle Fire will have be similar looking to the BlackBerry PlayBook, because it is designed and built by the same original design manufacturer (ODM), Quanta. However, having used the DVT model for a bit, TechCrunch confirms that that's as far as the similarity goes, for the software on Fire is visibly better. Also, the Fire uses a customised version of Android, which they say looks nowhere close to it, and also that it uses the Android AppStore.


Among other features, it is being learnt that there will be no email client by default on the Fire, but one could still get one off the AppStore, or use the browser. The Fire will also reportedly use a TI dual-core OMAP chip. In our last report about Amazon's Kindle tablet, we had reported that Amazon would launch a Wi-Fi only version first, and the 3G versions would follow close on its heels. The Fire, as per reports is being placed in the range between $250 - $300. 


A clear picture of what Amazon has in store will come only tomorrow when curtains are lifted. 

Published Date: Sep 27, 2011 04:26 pm | Updated Date: Sep 27, 2011 04:26 pm