CTP002: Mobiado and Aston Martin go Luxurious on Android

What happens when a luxury phone maker and a luxury car maker join hands? If you couldn’t picture that, let us explain!


Mobiado and Aston Martin have come together to lend their art to create exemplary technology – phones in this case. The prototype of a transparent, yes you heard that right; a transparent Android phone. Mobiado’s concept has been worked out in CTP002, which is a made of a single piece of sapphire glass with titanium edges. The screen works as a capacitative touch screen.

Luxury phones powered by Android - the first of its kind

Luxury phones powered by Android - the first of its kind (Image credit: GSM Arena)



Although the phone is just in its prototype stages, a lot, and we mean a lot, has been planned to make this phone as exclusive as it could get. Mobiado and Aston Martin claim to enable the phone with a connection to one’s car and its display. Users will also be able to view maps with directions to local venues, exchange photos on social networking platforms. The accelerator will also track down the details of the driver, incase of an accident.


The concept has awed us, but it does seem a little surreal! You agree?

Published Date: Mar 26, 2011 02:55 pm | Updated Date: Mar 26, 2011 02:55 pm