Crystal Dynamics releases Turning Point trailer for Tomb Raider

Crystal Dynamics has released a new trailer for its upcoming Tomb Raider reboot. The trailer, named the Turning Point Debut trailer, shows some more of the story of the game. It shows how protagonist Lara Croft is armed with nothing more than her raw instincts and the ability to push herself to her limits.



The trailer shows how Lara ended up on the island where the game takes place. She washes up there as the ship she’s travelling on gets wrecked. While the reasons for the ship sinking hasn’t been explained, it does show Lara giving everything she’s got and nearly dying for it.

Back in early January, Crystal Dynamics had revealed some information about the Tomb Raider multiplayer. One of the multiplayer modes will be Team Deathmatch. You play either as a team of Lara's surviving allies or as a member of the hostile natives called Scavengers. The matches are in a best-of-three format and players alternate between the teams between rounds.

Besides human enemies, players will have to survive against environmental traps such as levers that shoot spikes out of walls or destructible environments such as bridges. The multiplayer mode will feature the bow as a weapon, much like the one Lara uses in the single-player campaign.

Another multiplayer game mode is called Rescue, where the survivors collect medical packs and deliver them to various places on the map while Scavengers try to kill as many of them as possible. One of the maps in this game mode is called Wind Chasm and is described as tropical with traps, vantage points and junk.

This is the turning point for Lara Croft

This is the turning point for Lara Croft


A third game mode is called Cry for Help, where the emphasis is on discovering and collecting items as opposed to straight out killing each other. Not much information about this game mode has been revealed yet.

The multiplayer mode of Tomb Raider is being developed by Eidos Montreal—the studio behind Deus Ex: Human Revolution and the still-in-development Thief 4. Community Manager MeaganMarie stated on the Eidos forums, "Tomb Raider will include a multiplayer offering thanks to the hard work of our sister-studio, the hugely talented Eidos Montreal. The team at Eidos Montreal has been working away at the multiplayer while we focused everything on the single-player offering."

Crystal Dynamics released a new trailer for Tomb Raider last month. This is the first in a series of trailers that showcase some of the game’s features. Episode 1 of the trailer series, called Guide to Survival, shows the start of the game's story and explains how Lara Croft is a smart and resourceful character.

Published Date: Feb 02, 2013 12:14 pm | Updated Date: Feb 02, 2013 12:14 pm