Court scraps Apple's appeal to widen Galaxy Tab 10.1 ban

Yesterday, an Australian court delivered its verdict on the ongoing Apple - Samsung tussle in the country in favour of the Cupertino-based, Apple. The decision meant that a temporary ban on the sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia will be levied. 

Galaxy Tab 10.1 has faced a sales ban in Australia

Galaxy Tab 10.1 has faced a sales ban in Australia



According to a report in the Wall Street Journal,  Apple made further attempts to modify the text of the judgment to the effect that Samsung would have to give Apple an advance notice of all its new product releases and have restrictions on the launch of all of Samsung's future tablet devices. However this time, the court promptly declined. 


Friday's decision of having the Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned from selling in Australia has proved to be a setback to Samsung's prospects in Australia. Apple's yet awaiting a complete hearing on whether the Galaxy Tab 10.1 actually infringes on patents pertaining to Apple's touchscreen technology. 


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