Could Samsung be Working on an Amazon Tablet?

Back in September, we heard a rumour that was floating around to the effect that Amazon was reportedly planning on launching an iPad killer Android tablet. The same rumour has surfaced yet again and with a few more interesting details this time. It seems that this mysterious tablet would be built by Samsung.

Could Samsung be the mysterious maker?

Could Samsung be the mysterious maker?


Some analysts believe that Amazon is indeed working on a tablet for a variety of reasons including the fact that they only recently kicked off an Android App Store for devices. Imagine a Kindle with all the features and functionality of standard tablet from the ability to surf the web in full color, read eBooks in e-Ink or full colour comic books and have all the features one would expect out a standard tablet device. This could also negate the need for two separate devices especially for those avid readers who find the Kindle a must have device and still complain about the lack of overall connectivity. With the addition of the Amazon Cloud player the need for a device other than a Kindle also comes up. So there are a quite a few reasons Amazon could go the tablet route.

But for the record, as of now, it’s still a rumour as neither Amazon nor Samsung have made any official statements about this tablet. It’s a wait and watch scenario.

Published Date: Apr 23, 2011 09:42 am | Updated Date: Apr 23, 2011 09:42 am