Cortana now automatically prompts you to do things, you said you would, in your emails

Cortana is getting more helpful and creepy at the same time.

The AI Assistant by Microsoft already can keep track of tasks and alerts you when you need to do them. Users have to set reminders and keep a to-do list for these alerts. Now, Cortana snoops your emails and reminds you to do things you said you would, even if you haven't specifically asked Cortana for the reminders. If you have told your boss you will submit a report by the end of the day, or promised friends to purchase movie tickets, Cortana will make sure that you do not forget.

Cortana automatically tracks the commitments that you make on emails, and will pro-actively figure out when you need to be reminded so you can follow through in time. There is no need to even copy Cortana on the emails, users have to basically do nothing to activate the feature, except send emails like they normally would. The suggested reminders will be at Cortana home. If a user has signed into Cortana and has given consent for communications, then the feature is active.

An easy way to set reminders is to email commitments to yourself. Send an e-mail saying "I will do nothing this Friday evening", and Cortana will remind you to do nothing.

For those signed up for the Microsoft Insider program, next to each suggested reminder, there will be an ability to link to the original email, and notifications ahead of the deadline. Microsoft plans to improve the feature based on feedback and improvement of the machine learning models.

Microsoft recently added automatic meeting scheduling to Cortana, where the AI assistant handles the back and forth necessary to schedule a meeting between multiple parties, just as a human secretary would.

Published Date: Feb 10, 2017 03:37 pm | Updated Date: Feb 10, 2017 03:37 pm