Corsair Launches 'Gamer PC' for Just Under 1 Lakh

Hardcore PC gamers looking to buy a new rig now have one more option made available via Corsair who have announced the availability of the Gamer PC. The company has designed their new PC specifically for Gaming pros with response times measured in nano-seconds. Corsair and Partners have tried to select only the best gaming and digital entertainment components that are available in India today to help to create this piece of hardware.

Corsair's 600T cabinet houses –

  • Intel 3.1GHz Sandy Bridge CPU
  • 2 NVIDIA SLI graphics cards from Zotac
  • Corsair's 60GB force SSD
  • WD's 500GB HDD
  • Corsair's Vengeance 8GB, 1600MHz kit of memory,
  • a 600W GS power supply,
  • A70 CPU air cooler,
  • Asus motherboard, and finally
  • Razer and Logitech peripherals
Unleash the hardcore gamer in you and release your bank account ties

Unleash the hardcore gamer in you and release your bank account ties


Alternatively, Corsair Gamer PC at Delta peripherals, Chennai is built with the help of feedback from comprehensive survey of gamers which includes a potent package of –


  • Corsair CC600T cabinet,
  • the latest Vengeance 4GB 2 memory kit
  • H70 CPU cooler
  • Corsair 600GS PSU
  • Corsair 60GB SSD
  • Asus Board P8P67 PRO and
  • Intel Core i5 2500K processor
  • Western Digital 500 GB SATA,
  • LG DVD Writer SATA Internal, A
  • sus PCX EAH6950 2GB,
  • Razer Keyboard Arctosa Gaming and Razer Mouse Death Adder

"The Gamer PC from Corsair has been built for the enthusiastic gamers who have the extra edge and thrive for a better gaming experience" said, M A Mannan, Country Manager - India at Corsair. "We invite all the enthusiasts and overclockers to experience gaming on our Gamer PC" continued Mannan.
Corsair Gamer PCs are priced at Rs 99, 000 and are available for sale at SMC International, New Delhi and at Delta in Chennai. This can also be ordered through Corsair's national distributors Aditya Infotech, Inspan Infotech and Tirupati Enterprises.
Corsair Gamer PC is backed by Corsair's 3-years service warranty. It encompasses a PC support at toll-free 1-800-4255464 line as well as on-site support at Corsair's 23 service centers nationwide.

Published Date: May 30, 2011 09:19 am | Updated Date: May 30, 2011 09:19 am