Copy Paste Functionality of New WP7 Update Caught on Video

Break out those trumpet and drums for it is time that your Windows Phone 7 device to get its next update, one that matters. The first update that Microsoft rolled out brought with it woes for Samsung Omnia owners as those to a shot and updated (I’m pretty sure everyone did), ended up with a ‘bricked’ device. The update itself was implemented to make the entire updating WP7 device process a lot smoother.

We want more...

We want more...



That out of the way, this next roll out is bringing some relevant and much needed features to WP7 platform. Just to reiterate –

  • Copy/Paste functionality;
  • Windows Marketplace will also be updated and hopefully will now include India as an option (no confirmation on this yet)
  • Overall speed up performance. This could put WP7 handsets in the same speed range as the iPhone.

As is, the platform really doesn’t have issues with speedy performance; all it lacks are basic functions like Bluetooth file transfer, Adobe Flash Support and support for external memory.

This update will be making it’s way to your handset by mid-March and all you WP7 users out there will receive a notification to update the firmware. Samsung Omnia users might be a bit skeptical, which is understandable.

More updates are on the way of course and reports say that those should include updates for - Internet Explorer 9 mobile browser, Twitter integration, cloud support for Office and multitasking (much needed). Hopefully Microsoft will roll these out sooner than later this year.

In the mean time – check out this video, posted by a French Website showing off WP7’s copy, paste feature.


Published Date: Mar 11, 2011 12:18 pm | Updated Date: Mar 11, 2011 12:18 pm