Cooler Master launches CM Storm Sonuz gaming headset

Cooler Master has recently announced the launch of its new gaming headset, CM Storm Sonuz. This multi-purpose headset is designed to deliver surreal performance not only while gaming, but also when enjoying music or movies.

Cooler Master states that just like all other CM Storm headsets, the CM Storm Sonuz is optimised for comfort. The brand claims that its unique design distributes the weight properly and carries the stress away from your earlobes, thereby enhancing comfort. The massive 97mm plush earpads provide great comfort for long gaming sessions. The microphone is removable and all one needs to do is simply plug it in. The microphone can be attached to either earpads depending on a user’s needs.

Cooler Master CM Storm Sonuz available for Rs. 6,799

Cooler Master CM Storm Sonuz available for Rs. 6,799

The need for above average quality headsets is a must for gamers, as during game play, the minutest of sounds can be extremely crucial to the next several seconds of the game. Serious gamers need top drawer hardware as that is always functional through hours of gaming. This holds true for all kinds of gamers, but more so for those present in the professional gaming scene. One can find gaming peripherals aplenty in India and there are various brands that offer quality products that cater to individualistic needs.


Cooler Master claims that the CM Storm Sonuz is equipped with a large 53mm driver capable of tight bass, lucid mids and simmering highs. Though tuned for gaming, the Sonuz is equally useful for listening to music or watching movies. The snug fit and closed cup design creates noise isolation and allows a user to concentrate on the game at hand.   

The CM Storm Sonuz is priced at an MRP of Rs 6,799 and comes with a 2-year warranty.

If you are willing to pay a little more, Cooler Master had already launched the CM Storm Sirus S gaming headset earlier this year, which is available in India at a price tag of Rs. 7,399. It delivers real 5.1 surround sound with a dedicated, extra-large 40mm sub-driver for explosive bass. Thanks to six additional 30mm drivers, each fed by a discrete audio channel, Sirus S aims to produce a crisp and precise directional sound. So you hear each bullet, footsteps and explosions the way you should in a 3D environment, giving you an edge over your competitor. In addition to this, Sirus S is coupled with a uni-directional microphone with background noise cancellation that enables crystal clear communication with teammates for co-ordinated strikes.

Like the CM Storm Sonuz, comfort and fit is one of the key aspects for any gaming headset and the Sirus S gaming headset aims to provide just that. Engineered to provide comfort, this circumaural (full-sized) headphone has extra-large ear pads that sit around your ears and not on them. You can choose between smooth leatherette ear pads for passive noise cancellation or the breathable, weaved ear cups for all-day comfort. Lightweight and stylish, the Sirus S comes handy during that marathon gaming session without giving you the occasional headache that comes with such lengthy hours of gaming. An in-line remote control provides immediate access to crucial volume control and mic mute functions.

These are two interesting options available in the market that will be ideal for gamers who don’t mind spending a bit more on their gaming peripherals.