Cool iPhone 5S design concepts we wish were real

Apple will soon give us a glimpse of its iOS 7 at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) that begins on June 10. This also means soon we will know what novel features to expect from Apple’s next generation of devices. The highly anticipated iPhone 5S has already started showing up in the form of several concept designs. The latest concept deign by Frederico Ciccarese got us thinking about the design elements and features we'd like to see in the iPhone 5S. Here are four design concepts for the iPhone 5S with features that we wish were real.

Curvaceous iPhone 5S with Fingerprint scanner
This curvaceous looking iPhone 5S design concept by Federico Ciccarese features a fingerprint scanner. Sporting a flat base and curvy screen, the edges come across shiny. This is just a concept design, but some allegedly leaked images say that the device is likely to come with a fingerprint scanner while other claim that the fingerprint scanner will have to wait until the next iteration of the iPhone. Though the design looks cool, we aren’t sure if such a convex screen would be loved by all.

Curvy 5S

Curvy 5S (Image Credit: Ciccarese Design)


Uber-thin bezel, larger display and touch home button
The design concept by Ran Avni is more realistic with a thinner bezel and 4.8-inch display. The device could come with the same size and design as the iPhone 5, and the thin bezel will accommodate the taller 4.8-inch display with 1320 x 740 resolution. Moreover, the concept shows a touch-sensitive home button too. Yes, we think it is time Apple loses the physical button. Though a bigger display is still debatable (as it has recently increased the screen size in the iPhone 5), a touch button is still a viable option. If Apple is planning a finger-scanning feature, a touch button could be more convenient. Check out the video below to view this design concept:

iPhone goes 3D
Imagine if the new iPhone 5S goes all 3D. This is something many tech enthusiasts have been waiting to lay their hands on.  The next concept shows a rear 3D camera, a front 3D camera for FaceTime and a 3D display. Though the concept was originally crafted for the iPhone 5, many would still expect it for the iPhone 5S. A sliding second display that turns it into a large screen phablet and a kickstand makes this concept seem to fanciful. Check out the video below to view the desirable design concept.


Transparent iPhone 5S
Here’s yet another unrealistic yet desirable iPhone 5S concept. This transparent design concept shows a highly intuitive device. It is aesthetically designed and is one of the coolest iPhone 5S/6 design concepts we have seen. A sharp display, finger-print security for apps and several other intuitive functions make it a must-have.



As with most concept designs the technically feasibility of some of the features shown are highly doubtful, nevertheless, on a lazy weekend it is great to delve into fantasy and explore a tomorrow that is at once tantalising and elusive.

Published Date: Jun 02, 2013 02:22 pm | Updated Date: Jun 02, 2013 02:22 pm