Cook assured of better intellectual property protection in China

Apple chief, Tim Cook has embarked on his first ever trip to China, ever since he took on his current role from predecessor, the late Steve Jobs, and if the reports detailing the event are anything to go by, then there’s a lot happening. Yesterday, according to the reports, Cook in his meeting with the vice premier of China, Li Keqiang was assured that the country would up their intellectual property protection norms, which hopefully would ease the situation for the iPad maker in the country. China, the world’s largest mobile market also happens to be the second largest market for Apple. However, those following our reports detailing the ongoing lawsuit between Cupertino-based, Apple and China-based, Proview Technology would know that the future of Apple’s celebrated tablet computer lies in darkness, as the Chinese company seems to be in no mood to blink first. For those not in the know, China-based, Proview Technology has levelled allegations against Apple, claiming that they and not Apple are the rightful owners of the trademark term - iPad and hence, Apple is infringing on their rights by selling their tablets in China. 

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Only recently, Proview Technology took their actions against Apple to the next level, when they, citing temporary impoundment began pressing major retailers across China to stop stocking the tablet computers in their stores. Although not so well off financially, Proview Technology have managed to get themselves some major breakthroughs and have been giving Apple some sleepless nights, since the lawsuit has been creating a dent in the sales of their products in China. That apart, Apple has been very actively involved in carrying out routine inspections across several of their supplier factories in China, after persistent reports about poor working conditions, labour suicides, among others began grabbing global headlines. The Fair Labor Organization was then requested by Apple to conduct an inspection across Foxconn factories in Shenzhen and Chengdu, China, where a bulk of Apple products are manufactured. Here in, officials of the FLA carried out inspections across the factories, asking labourers questions over working and living conditions, health and safety issues, compensation, working hours and communication with management, among other aspects, which would help them assess the situation, better. 


Quoting the vice premier of China, Li Keqiang, the report stated, “To be more open to the outside is a condition for China to transform its economic development, expand domestic demands and conduct technological innovation.



Published Date: Mar 29, 2012 12:04 pm | Updated Date: Mar 29, 2012 12:04 pm