Computex 2012: Nvidia announces GeForce GT 640, Kepler for the masses

At Computex 2012, Nvidia announced their new stripped down version of Kepler - the GT 640. This is similar to the OEM card that Nvidia had announced a while back, only this time, you’ll be able to buy it at retail. The GT 640 will be using the GK 107 core and will feature 384 stream processors or CUDA cores, 128-bit memory bus and will come with 2GB of GDDR3 memory as standard. The smaller die has allowed Nvidia to raise the clock speed to 900MHz and it will have full support for DX11, PCIE 3.0, 3DVision Surround, CUDA and PhysX. The card will come with a price tag of roughly $99 (Rs. 5,500) and is said to perform a little under Nvidia’s GTS 450. This will also compete with AMD’s HD5670 and HD 7750 at this price point. They also announced other card entry-level cards, like the GT 630, GT 620 and GT 610, however, despite their naming, these aren’t based on the Kepler architecture, but are merely rebadged versions of their older series.

Kepler for the masses

Kepler for the masses


The GT 640 will pack in all the essential features of Kepler, except for GPU Boost and TXAA. It will feature Nvidia Surround that lets you simultaneously drive up to four independent 1080p displays for the ultimate multimedia or productivity workspace and expand a single application across all three displays for a more immersive viewing perspective. Blu-ray 3D support is also present. You can connect your PC to any 3D enabled TV over HDMI and enjoy a cinematic 3D experience in your home with seamless support for 1080p Blu-ray 3D discs.  Adaptive V-Sync is a smarter way to render frames. At high framerates, V-sync is enabled to eliminate tearing, at low frame rates, it's disabled to minimize stuttering, which gets rid of distractions, so you can get on with gaming. Finally, we come to FXAA Anti-aliasing mode, which smoothes out jagged edges, but can be demanding on framerates. FXAA is a new antialiasing technology that produces smooth lines with minimal performance impact.

We are in the process of testing a retail GT 640 from ZOTAC, so stay tuned for the full review coming up shortly.

Published Date: Jun 05, 2012 01:32 pm | Updated Date: Jun 05, 2012 01:32 pm