Computex 2011: Acer Gives a Sneak Peek into its W4 Smartphone

At the ongoing tech fair, Computex 2011, Acer showed off a mere glimpse of its Microsoft Mango-based smartphone, the W4. Acer only showed a distant look of its latest product since the company is still waiting for Microsoft to release more bits of the Mango OS.

Just a glimpse..

Just a glimpse.. (Image source:


Acer promised to begin the volume production of the W4 in the fourth quarter of this year. Till then, W4’s performance will go through several more modulations. For now, the little information Acer did manage to let out was that the W4 will run a Qualcomm MSN8255 chip at 1GHz. The smartphone comes with five megapixel, auto focus camera and does look enticing with a 3.6-inch display. In addition to this, the W4 is Wi-Fi enabled, with 8GB worth of internal flash memory.

Although, this bit may just seem a teaser for most, a late 2011 launch would mean a couple of more of these teasers dotted around the rest of the year.



Published Date: Jun 01, 2011 10:27 am | Updated Date: Jun 01, 2011 10:27 am