Computex 2010 - An Inside View at Asus

ASUS had their booths at another venue for Computex this year, which meant we had to traverse all through the many levels of the venue and take a bus for 20 minutes to the second location located right next to the fantastic Taipei 101 tower.

ASUS had two booths; one to show off their wares and one for just their consumer related notebooks, netbooks etc. and their tablet which will be out in Q1 or 2011. It's a slick looking device that, like the iPad also has a has a singular button to return to the home screen. It's being called the EeePad. How original. It's still a work in progress. The prototype they had on display was only running demos and didn't actually have an OS.

ASUS also had demos of their online Application store for their popular Eee PC range making the Cloud really come alive.

From the ASUS tie up with Garmin, the A50 was on hand. From a purely GPS device's perspective the ASUS-Garmin tie-up is pretty much at the peak, but from the Mobile Stand point I'm not a fan at all. The G60, I believed had tremendous potential since the UI was so fluid and responsive, but it lacked so much that it could have been considered a GPS device with calling capabilities.

The devices that came after were average at best, however the A50 is another light in the dark for this collaboration of companies, but I'll hold off on any serious remarks about the device and the UI until I see a finished product and put it through it's paces. However I will say this, the old G60 Linux UI looks much better now running on an Android 2.1 OS with it's social networking and multimedia functionality thrown in. The design is so much sleeker than all the others, however the A10, which was unfortunately just a dummy piece, should look even better.

Published Date: Jun 03, 2010 11:11 am | Updated Date: Jun 03, 2010 11:11 am