CommunicAsia 2010: Mosync Shows New Cross Platform SDK for Mobile App Developers

Mosync may not be a company an average mobile user would recognize however it is one that mobile app developer might start raving about if asked to talk about them. The company thrives on the open source platform of the world making developers lives easier a s they’ve designed a system that allows users to develop applications for all the major mobile platforms using one single C/C++ codebase. At CommunicAsia 2010, they showed of their SDK and discussed how their system would allow mobile app developers to design a single app and port it across into multiple handsets. The MoSync SDK is now released as Open Source software (GPL). Their SDK brings mobile cross-platform development to the regular desktop developer. It also addresses the problem of device fragmentation, cross OS development, differences between operators' offerings, and the overall complex nature of mobile development. It’s a Free to use system if it’s for non-commercial purposes of course otherwise you’ll have to about Rs. 11,275 (199 Euro) for the Basic Pro membership.

Published Date: Jun 16, 2010 10:16 am | Updated Date: Jun 16, 2010 10:16 am